1. What is BNSMARKET?

BNSMARKET is one of the powerful free classifieds advertisement website in India.

2. How much BNSMARKET Cost for Advertisement?

BNSMARKET is absolutely free for all users. We are not charging anyone for posting any ad.

3. Any limit for posting any new ads?

No limit for posting any ads for the register users. If you are posting ad without registration then you can post only one ad with one email Id.

4. Is BNSMARKET available in other languages?

     No. Just available in English.

5. Why my ad got rejected?

If your post does not meet with BNSMARKET Policy standard then your post can be rejected and your account also get suspended.

6. What I do if I have any query?

You can write an email to us on info@bnsmarket.in with your query or you can directly post your query on contact us tab.

7. Do we have premium feature?

No. we don’t have a premium feature in BNSMARKET.

8. Can I edit or delete my account?

Yes. you can edit or delete your account anytime.

9. Do we have a privacy policy?

Yes. you can refer privacy policy tab at footer section.

10. Can I post ad without registration?

Yes, you can but you need to validate your email ID for the ad get publish.

11. Is DATA on BNSMARKET is secure?

Yes, your personal data is secure but  As per the functionality of this website, we made available some information to other genuine users so both parties can contact each other.

12. What is BARTER category?

We have providing platform to all genuine users to exchange household and other Items (i.e vehicle, Mobiles etc.) with other genuine users.

13. How lost and found is working?

We are trying to help people to find out the lost items. If anyone found anything (i.e Documents, passport, wallet etc.) and wants to return that item to the owner, in that case, the person who found that item can post an ad in the lost and found category. This will help the owner to contact that person who found that item.