Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy



The BNSMARKET is one of the best free classified ads website in India. The privacy of consumers is a major concern for us. So we have developed a strict privacy polices to secure Information and providing safety to consumers.  


Collect data

The Content filled by users is collected in our database and we are trying all our best to keep it secure. As per the functionality of this website, we made available some information to other genuine users so both parties can contact each other. When the user uploaded the ad We displayed Publisher mobile no  & email id on the product page for people who are looking for services. 


User Data Storage

User All ads submitting an information store in our database. all users registered data stored in the database. user can edit data or Delete their data.

We are not Secure entire your Information. but we are maintaining user security for good faith.



we are using cookies for good experience and faith. our main target is to improve the customer service.



We are ensuring your data and make it made sure about, aside from the data that should be publicly accessible, for example, advertisements.

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